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Professional Medical Careers / Pre-Nursing

Professional Medical Careers

Welcome to the wonderful world of professional medical careers. In this class, you will earn 3 High School credits, 1 science credit, 1 English credit, .5 elective or occupational credit, and .5 health credit. You may also activate 9 credits at BBCC. Along with this, you will earn your healthcare provider CPR and first aid card, food handlers card, HIPAA training, and bloodborne pathogen training. If you meet all the requirements you will qualify to take the state licensing NAC test.

Items required for class:

1 Binder - 1.5" 12-mo planner w/ entire month on pg 1 pair black athletic shoes*
1 Binder - 1" 3 pkg binder dividers 2 pairs navy blue scrub bottoms**
2 pkg sticky notes 1 stethoscope 2 CBTech Ceil blue scrub tops***
1 pkg 20+ plastic page covers 500-index card box/organizer 1 analog watch (not digital)


If the purchase of any item causes financial hardship, please talk to me after class.

Sincerely, Mrs. Cromer

Black Nike, Adidas, New Balance, or similar. All shoes must be: closed-toe, with a full heel (no straps across the heel), washable, not canvas. (no Keds or Converse, Vans, etc.)

Inappropriate footwear for class: Any type of sandals (slides, flip flops, etc.), boots (cowboy, dress, etc.), Crocs, Vans, clogs, or other similar-styled shoes.

 Available for purchase at stores such as Walmart, North 40 in Moses Lake,,, Uniforms Northwest in Kennewick, Spokane Uniform, etc. Please purchase at least 2 pairs. These MUST be NAVY no other shade of blue is acceptable. Save your receipt, just in case.
Two (2) School-issued uniform tops are required (We will give you the information to do this through the school)

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS (To be completed and turned in to your teacher by the beginning of class on the dates listed below.)


Food Handlers Card: Go to and complete the training. When you have completed the training and paid for your card, you will need to print out and sign a copy of your card. Give the copy to your teacher.
A complete and up-to-date copy of your immunizations: Go to your clinic and get a printout of your complete and up-to-date immunization record. We will evaluate each student's immunizations and counsel each student on any further needs to be eligible for clinical rotations.
2 Step health care worker TB testing: This takes 2 weeks to complete. It must be started by Sept. 20. 
A flu shot is required and must be completed by October 31.

Student Handbook

STUDENT PROJECTS [public service campaign about hand washing and hygiene]