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Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center
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Director's Message


Director's Message

Congratulations to all the students who were accepted to CBTECH.  We are excited to embrace you into our culture and get professional training at the Skills Center.


To be ready to come to CBTECH, you need a positive attitude and willingness to learn.  You will have a highly qualified instructor that has a passion for what they do.  We expect a lot from our students, and are willing to give more in return.


CBTECH is much like a family.  We will have fun together at Work Wednesdays and all our other special events. We have our own Cafe that will open in October for you to get a snack or beverage with instructor permission. You will have opportunities for field trips and listen to guest speakers, which will be opportunities that are educational and enjoyable.


All students are dual enrolled at BBCC for First Aid, CPR/AED training and will receive free college credit as long as the necessary criteria is met. Students are also eligible for other specific college credits in their specific program, also at no charge to the student.

Just a reminder that students wear professional dress at CBTECH.  Each program has a specific uniform that is required every day.  No cell phones during class, no hats or disrespect for other students or faculty.  This  will not be tolerated.


 All students will exit with professional certificates.  We will prepare you for the world of work, and training on how to get a job and skills to succeed after high school.


“CBTECH will change you for the better, if you let it,” as The Dean of Students, Mr. Utter will tell you  again and again.  I think most of our students after the first few weeks will agree that it is a great place to learn.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 30th!

Mrs. Armstrong

CBTECH Director