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Directors Update:
CBTECH is bursting at the seams!
Welcome to the 2022-2023 School year at Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center. Our secretaries and custodians are working harder than anyone right now to get the school year ready to go on August 31st.
All districts, except Moses Lake High School, are getting their lists of accepted students by the end of this week, and postcards are being sent out to those students. Moses Lake Students will be put into the Skyward system after Maverick Days at MLHS. I know this is late, but the high school requested this, so we are following their lead.
CBTECH is turning away hundreds of students this year. All classes are full, and most have waiting lists. We may have a couple of openings after we get our "No Show" students off the rosters, that is those who do not attend after Labor Day without making a contact with CBTECH. It will take another few days to clean up the lists and then we will take a look at the waiting lists.
Next year, CBTECH is going to do its own registration in January and February. Moses Lake High School Juniors and Seniors will have an opportunity to know if they are accepted by the end of March. Counselors will go through the accepted student's lists and make sure they are on track for graduation and actually have the credits they need to graduate. Credits they have left for graduation can also be gained from CBTECH Programs. All our classes offer more than Career and Tech Education credits, as we can fill math, English, PE, Science, Art, or history credits they may need depending on the course. All programs have free college credit and industry certifications. All students are dual enrolled at BBCC and students will come out with not only credits for High School graduation, but college credits and a college transcript as well. We are excited to meet all of you very soon.
We start on Wednesday, August 31st, no matter what day your home high school starts. The buses will be running from the outlying districts, so be, "On Time, Every Day, with a Positive Attitude', as our motto states!
Mrs. Armstrong
CBTECH Director