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Director's Message

It is more than half-way through the school year and CBTECH continues to work on our Core Work Competencies of “On time, everyday, with a positive attitude”.

All students will have a resume before they leave CBTECH, and seniors will all have a Mock Interview with a professional in their field.  They will know how to dress and how to answer the most common interview questions. At CBTECH, we want to get our students prepared for the work world, and post secondary education.   We believe that all students need training beyond high school, 2-year, 4-year, Apprenticeships, Armed Forces, or vocational training.  

Big Bend Community College met with seniors for 2 days at CBTECH helping students apply for college and work on scholarship applications.  

Our annual Manners Meal will be on April 21st, with the purpose of teaching our students table manners in case they are asked to have lunch with a prospective employer.  We want the students to know all aspects of the interview, and realize that everything they do will reflect on the company for which they work..

BBSI, a business to business service in Moses Lake, has agreed to come and talk to our students about preparing for the World or Work.  They will relate skills needed to get and keep a job, and help with mock interviews. They are also coming alongside CBTECH to stress the importance of safety in the workplace.

We hope to have our seniors ready to go by graduation and be ready to enter the rest of their working lives with soft skills as well as the trades they learn at CBTECH.